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tv   WRAL News 6PM  NBC  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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vo fheir efflaa p ininon a wentstate. th belnona y itxt . >> th we ve iome, vel other stes e oboulee f wthe e statesally kee mi. i thinweke the re mina te t the en ouidn coefenof itbit orrsgot ar p isoma cln in la nighy ates thatuded ming ulate news trump apalto in isily y. cong t a 10ox0. you, k w,parade inocointomorrow. hillary clinton will make a stop at hillside high in durham. she had a campaign event for tomorrow at raleigh's broughton high school.
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raleigh earlier this week. on monday, donald trump was in concord. ted cruz was in both raleigh and kannapolis yesterday. one presidential hopeful we hike hi will not see is marco rubio. today, retired major general hugh overholt warned that a trump presidency could damage relations with our allies. awe rob wroa supporter says trump lacks experience and understanding of foreign policy and has no real plan to keep the country safe. >> this is not a game show. this is to the a television program. this is a reality show and the reality is the threats are real. we need someone would understand what those threats are and how to deal with that. marco rubio can do that. >> the rubio come pain is opening its wake county headquarters in garner and at this point, neither bernie sanders or john kasich have plans to come to the state before the primary.
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the march 15th primary. we have all the information you need on use the my ballot feature to research the races in your zip code. a durham family some mourning this evening and searching for answers after a 10th grader was shot and killed. wral's katherine brown spoke with the teen's family today. katherine joins us live from police headquarters. >> reporter: david, a spent a while talking with this victim's brother and mother. to say they are in shock and devastated is really to understate it. would he have been 16 years old next month. instead, david pound was standing in his front yard around 10:30 last night when police say he was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting. the shooter also injured pounds' cousin, 25-year-old timothy stevens, jr. were pounds' older brother as pastor at a local church here in durham. he plans to deliver his brother's funeral service. along with his grief stricken anguish at losing his little brother, he says he is angry
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pounds' killer be found and brought to justice. >> we are willing to pay for information. just please come forth and let us know who did this to my brother. because you got the wrong guy. david christopher pound, junior junior is not good night you meant to kill. >> reporter: keyshawn blue tells me he believes this is a case of mistaken identity. police say they believe the shooting was targeted and not random. they have not said why. a lot of questions still remain. >> cath rip brown reporting live in durham. thank you. bridgestone will soon have a bigger facility to make tires in wilson. the company broke ground on a new $164 million expansion today. mans call for added space and new machinery. the company has not announced plans to add jobs but says the upgrade should increase productivity and secure the 2200 jobs already there. the white house is adding
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the idea is to bring low skilled workers into the tech economy by matching employers with training programs. here, nc state will work long side companies such asism bm, citrus and capital broadcasting to train workers. in raleigh, the program hopes to place 50 worker in jobs winnipeg the first year and 350 by the year 2020. durham is receiving positive news as well on the national stage. the city profoiled as an economic success story in the latest edition of the economist. that article points if a revitalized downtown, investment in truck and problem i to university and the research try appearingle park as driving factor behind the growth of durham. it has been a week and a half since we welcomed nbc to our wral family.
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>> we know how our wral viewers love dogs. we'll wrangle up our furry connect with nbc south appear update to a story that touched so many of you last movement a teenager near the top of the list for a heart transplant gets the news he has been waiting for. >> ahead for us tonight, our come razz go up side the blast zone in seattle plus details of the firefighters left battered and the search for the cause. >> how day man wanted to attempted murder end up in on a flight and ultimately outside the white house. a warning about the bogus irs calls causing thousands to fork over money on crooks. when we see you back here for nightly news at 6:30. >> we have another gorgeous affect, sunshine, warm temperatures. upper 70s across the areament we are tracking an end date to
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we sid k. but do laundry? >> that's t that's my good boy. co let's go. >> just ahead tonight, what this special dog ca and his connect with 5 on your side's mop canadlalibertand our friend at the toy show -- monica laliberte d our friends at the todashow.
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wel utesa t in noncomop. they support each oork share similar goilz and value and family members often look ike. >> that. families have a lot in monday. suort each other anhave similar goals. this is idol. is a for you thank you assistant dog training. this cutie right here maybe you've seen him on the nbc today show. his name is wrangler and the team there is heg ra m g dog. ttomine is ppies wi aos fufa e is toforeve
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>> hello, froe s washoniz ho an hof the on , thayprettyere. when we come back,o annc ste ha a li here ey meet e thirti fod state,thme
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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the acc tournament isn't in greensboro this year. it is in washington, d.c. just like the previous two years when the teurp manhattanment was in greensboro, duke and nc state meet in the acc tonament and just like the last two years, duke eliminates nc state from the acc tournament. let's take a look at the highlights of the game this year very frenetic pace. brandon ingram comes out. the freshman scores 22 pointsment what a game by abu with 19 points and nine rebounds. on the other end, luke canard gets a start today. matches ingram's 22. barber was simply phone phenomenal with 29 points. you talk about some tight knit plays. cody martin maybe it 89-89. here isle biggest play of day
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got popped in the no, sir by matt jones, comes back, makes the end one to give duke the victory. 92 hon 89. this is the final. dukeern as a season sweep over nc state. nc state now at 16 and 17. their soap more than likely over. doubtful they will get an invitation to the nit but they could. duke moves on to face notre dame tomorrow. here is an interesting note about nuke high pressure note redecember. earlier this year, the irish boat the blue devils. coach k, his record against his form are player and assistants, 21-4. who has those four wins in mike bray.
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>> a steal and a bucket by james robinson. robinson from dematha high school in the area. it is a one-point game. and syracuse will have a shot for the tie or the win. and no. syracuse is one and done. pittsburgh earning a season sweep over sir cruise. that is three wins for them. 72-71. [ no audio ] we don't have as extensive coverage of the games this afternoon as we would hike but we will have it tonight at 10:00 and 11:00.
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we will have a varsity effort tonight at 10:00 and after the late night on the acc network here on wral. so back to you guys in the studio. two more games on tap tonight. both on wral. clemson and georgia tech followed by florida state and virginia tech. should be two more good games. >> outstanding. obviously not using verizon p maybe that is what happened. >> computer, you love them and hate them. >> oh, yes, indeed. >> you know what is amazing, d.c. tevyw are, here ne r ckethis g overt. orn r e cowe e
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plus, tere ocr. hi ho ate emptedder olyhe trak b secret service a it >> tax ser sa f byal cin t and y. uil y s happen w ba a beat is gone emr who tnederpo into ni ns "" t a: frombcne adten new yo " nigh w st. >> gooing a ly sy is pug den mte te souern no over aoo farnd lot m l kanser aslo warni with the flood risks extending i mississippi and north into missouri and illinois.


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